How you can keep up your fitness in your holidays

OK i know this is vital topic because even i get into these trouble frankly when i go into holidays i will forget everything and will live life of heaven but guess what when i back from holiday it will be a life of hell because i would gain another 5-15 Pounds which very bad if i am in the process of weight loss.

Steps you can take in holiday

  1. Try to do your workout and exercises in the early morning because in that there will no distractions and in the afternoons and evening you will have so much distractions from your family, friends and even from your girl friend or boy friend.
  2. Keep a action plan for yourself which will show clear picture your daily workout routines this can even contain a 20 minute walking but record everything and anything.
  3. Plan the Workouts routines you need do before a day before don’t make wait until last minute or don’t do workout without proper plan and scheduling.
  4. Don’t forgot to you need to remember the word “Green” because try to take at least one green or organic products in your meals.
  5. Try to Eat Often because in holidays you tend to lose more energy so you need enough protein and vitamins keep your body running.
  6. Keep your body hydrated. You need to drink water regularly and try take a cool water bottle wherever  you go because it will keep your metabolism levels in stable position.

These may be simple steps but do remember all simple steps will add to big gain and trust me i turned my life in heaven after the holiday when i was checking my wait and i even ready to more holidays too often.

I hope you liked this article and if you want to find best foods for fat burn follow this link Find the Top 10 belly Fat burning foods for day today life. If you any more tips post below i will add it too if it’s good one.

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