Does Breakfast Is Essential for Weight Loss

This not question it is very serious and critical question but this question will run all our mind in some day when you’re thinking or doing nothing.

Again the Question is Does Breakfast is essential when trying lose weight? Usually most of the time i hear that many people will say that we don’t have enough time for breakfast.

But the truth is a “Big YES” breakfast is really important because research shows a direct linking between weight loss and breakfast.

All we know that main import reason for weight loss is burn more calories than we consume for a day and also increase the level of metabolism as we can.

So Why Does the Breakfast Is So Import ?

This because after a long sleep even if it a six hours sleep breakfast is the only source to refuel the essential metabolism in our body. We should definitely eat a proper breakfast in order keep the metabolism levels to stable rate.

If we skip the breakfast we just don’t miss our metabolism but however it also causes low blood sugar levels which also causes feel lethargic and low sugar level will make feel more hungry and which obviously lead to you to take more snacks and also eat more foods than useful without considering any nutrition.

But when we take a proper breakfast we will make our body stable in both point of metabolism and also blood sugar level so you will not feel hungry so there won’t be much extra fat in your meal on that day.

Lets look at the the some common reason you give for no breakfast

  • No time for Breakfast
  • Trying to exercise in the morning instead of breakfast
  • Not feeling hungry in the morning
  • Feeling Lazy to eat (yea some guys like that including me)
 Here are the solutions for each and every reason above try to read it carefully.

“No Time” is not a excuse

It is vital one and limited because you can’t control it it’s always one step than you.
  • Try to eat any foods which does not need any preparations or does not take much time to prepare.
  • Try to prepare the breakfast before the night. Keep everything prepared because it will not wast time in the morning.
  • Try to have your breakfast with some other activity in morning so you save time and also you won’t waste time on it.
  • If really don’t have any time at all then try to eat at least a small portion and try eat others on the way or bit late.

“Morning exercise is not worthy or effective without proper breakfast”

Most people will exercise in the morning but however it will not be effective like if you take a breakfast and do it because without  stable metabolism the workouts won’t be much stable.

Don’t you like to workout in full stomach then try at least take natural and organic fruit or vegetable drink this will increase the metabolism on your body.

One advice try to give something to your stomach because something is better than nothing.

“Not feeling hungry in the morning then this might because of heavy dinner in before night”

If you’re not feeling hungry then this means only because heavy dinner. Try eat lite dinner with having less sugar in it because this will come in handy.

Here are some examples of some good night time dinners:

• Milk and whole-grain cereal, or yogurt and cereal
• Instant oats
• Whole-grain bagel with fruit and yogurt
• Peanut butter with whole-wheat toast
• Fruit smoothie made with yogurt
• Fruit cocktail, with orange juice, strawberries, pears and pineapples.
• Cheese and whole-grain crackers

“Feeling Lazy – Just Think the Profit you get or long time goal”

When feel lazy about the breakfast just for second think about the nice body you will get if you do these activities or if you really can’t remember these then post sticker on the wall or somewhere where it is easily visible to you when you woke up so by these you giving orders to your subconscious mind in this way i am sure you will recover from your laziness.

Finally i want to say one thing remember when it comes to eating breakfast to increase metabolism it is more important that you eat without concerning about what you eat.

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